Feb 24, 2009


Here's the backstory to my latest attempts at self-portraiture: My husband and I spent the past few weeks in Hawaii and, after having flown from Honolulu to the Big Island in order to view the active volcano, came up short on a rental car.

Twenty-four hours and a fortuitous cancellation later, we found ourselves behind the wheel of a Ford Expedition - one of the largest vehicles in which I've been a passenger. I mean, there was room for an additional six adults and their luggage in this gas-guzzler.

Refueling, it turns out, was a bit of a production. The automatic gasoline dispensers demanded a numerical zip code in order to verify our credit card, but we're from Canada and use a system that includes letters as well as numbers.

So while my husband was sorting out matters with the filling station attendant, I amused myself by shooting into the Expedition's gigantic side mirror. It provides the frame in the above image.

A few more shots in the series may be viewed here (freeze an image by placing your cursor over it; remove your cursor to cycle to the next one).