Jan 18, 2009

Groundhog Day

Some people find this movie repetitive since it's about a television weather announcer who keeps re-living the same day again and again until he redeems himself in the eyes of the universe. But in addition to being a sweet love story, this is about second, third, and fortieth chances to get things right before one's soul is lost forever.

We don't see any gypsy lay a curse on obnoxious, self-absorbed weatherman Phil, but essentially that's what happens. For the third time in three years he's sent to a small town to report on the prognostications of a groundhog. Rather than joining in the spirit of the occasion, he looks down his nose at the community and treats his coworkers with disdain.

As a result, it's Groundhog Day every morning when he wakes up and he's compelled to keep going through the motions until it penetrates his noggin that other people's well-being matters, and that life offers us no end of opportunities to be both useful and creative.

It turns out there's one thing in particular Phil must accomplish before the spell can be broken and, although he's a slow learner, he finally achieves it. The movie includes some great physical humour (I love the shower scenes), and lots of low-level giggles.