Jan 7, 2009

It's a Big, Beautiful World

This world is wide, deep, tasty and gorgeous - with so much that's so great. The trick is finding the bits that speak to us.

For me, blues and roots music are way up there - especially the songwriters who'd be called poets in another era.

I love East Indian, West Indian, Italian, Asian and Mexican cooking. I consider dark chocolate and red wine to be food groups in their own right. I prefer restaurants that have character to restaurants that charge the Earth.

My taste runs to films that aren't too gory, cruel or lazy. I'm a fan of sci-fi television from Star Trek to Babylon 5 to Firefly. I'm more interested in TV now that I can buy it by the season - since I've never been willing to schedule my life around television programming.

This blog is about what works for me. Random ramblings. Passions. Discoveries.

Thanks for dropping by.